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Game Sets Available!


We now have Frishoe sets available for purchase, using 9 high-quality 140 gram discs made in the US by Innova, manufacturers of discs for disc golf (see header image above). We've tested these and found them ideal for Frishoe given their medium-light weight, comfortable grip, and stability in flight. The set also includes 2 stakes (collapsable for portabiity, one shown above), indicator lights (small electric candles), a measuring line, and instructions. Sets are priced at $50 plus shipping, including a high-quality canvas carry bag imprinted with the Frishoe logo. To order please use the PayPal mini shop at the bottom of this page - one set per customer and know that supplies are currently limited, your patience is appreciated! If you're in the Boston, MA area, you can be in touch via the contact page for local pickup and payment by cash or check, plus a free tutorial by Tom Clark, orginator. 


Make it yourself?


If you can find enough discs you like, you can easily make yourself a Frishoe set, see the image above (only shows one stake - two are needed to play). Here's what you want:

  • 2 pieces of broom handle or dowel, about 7/8 inch in diameter and two feet long. Sharpen one end of each stake so that you can push it an inch or so into the grass, using a twisting motion. To make the stakes more visible from a distance, wrap some brightly colored tape around the middle and top (see header image). 
  • 6-12 medium sized frisbee-type discs, in sets of three, each set a different color (see image). The number of sets determines the maximum number of individuals or teams that can play (each individual or team uses one set). You don't need official "ultimate frisbee" type discs (175 grams/6 oz, 11" diameter) but if they are too light or flimsy, they'll be hard to throw accurately. The set pictured above (and the sets for sale) uses discs that are about 140 grams (4 oz.) and 9.25" in diameter. In windy conditions or for long throws (35-45 yards), heavier discs will work better.
  • 2 light or brightly colored pebbles, such as quartz, or 2 small electric candles, that can be balanced on top of the stakes (see image). The more precarious the balance, the more sensitive the indicator rock/light will be to any movement of the stake when struck by a disc. You want a  light colored rock or candle so you can find it when it gets knocked yards away by a superlative topper! The candle allows you to play after sundown, which is way cool. 
  • a measuring tape or unmarked clothsline, 15-20 feet long, to be used in cases where you can't tell which discs are closest. This happens not infrequently.
  • a yard, field, lawn, park, glade, or other more or less open and level space to set up your Frishoe pitch.


Set Up

  • Push a stake into the grass at one end of the pitch using a twisting motion, placing the indicator rock or light on top (see image).
  • Pace off 25 strides (approximately 25 yards) to determine the placement of the second stake. 
  • To adjust the ease or difficulty of play, vary the distance between the stakes accordingly, or arrange for less experienced players to stand forward of the line to make the game more competitive.


You're ready to play!


Questions? Be in touch using the contact page - we want to help get you started!



Frishoe Game Set
50.00 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

Includes 9 discs, two stakes, indicator lights, measuring line, instructions, and carry bag. Shipping costs will depend on location (currently US and Canada only), minimum of $15, maximum $30. Any applicable local taxes additional.


What's New?

- Frishoe to be featured at Somerville's Family Fun Day, see here.

- Game sets now available for sale, see equipment page.



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