Welcome to the Noble Game of Frishoe!


Frishoe is a field game played like horseshoes but with Frisbee-type discs, thus the name, which is pronounced "free-shoe." It's great for all ages and levels of ability, is low impact, requires minimal gear, gets you outdoors, and always tests your skill and concentration: can you hit the stake at 25 yards? 30? 40? If not, you can always blame it on the breeze :-)

  • Play with a partner, in teams, or by yourself.
  • It's good exercise and a great way to relax.
  • For how to play, see here.
  • For equipment and set up, see here. (Flash! We now have Frishoe sets available for purchase, see Equipment Page for description.)
  • For upcoming events see here.
  • Questions? Please be in touch using the contact page, we want to help get you started. 

Enjoy, and pass it on!

Le equipmente


With your help Frishoe will become the next widely played disc game, joining Ulimate Frisbee and Disc Golf. Enjoy! - Tom Clark

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